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Atlantic Wind & Solar Completes Installation of KBI Flexi®- Drain System for Tampa Storm Water Department

Tampa Bay, FL, February 26, 2020 — Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc. (OTC: AWSL) is pleased to announce that its, KBI Flexi®-Drain was installed in the south Howard Area of Tampa Bay FL. Atlantic’s wholly owned subsidiary, KB Industries was contracted by the City of Tampa Storm Water Department to implement its environmentally friendly solution.


The Problem
In heavy and severe storm events the Eleta Street entertainment district consistently floods due to the lack of drainage capabilities at the curb side of the street. The bustling entertainment district hosts many restaurants, bars and shops. With the need for drainage it would have necessitated the installation of a new stormwater sewer connecting into the main storm water sewer on Howard Street. This undertaking would entail deep excavation and major shutdowns of the road which would effect the daily trade of the Entertainment District.


The Solution
Atlantic’s K. B. Industries, Inc (KBI) supplied the answer by providing one of its proven Scrap Tire Construction Products; KBI Flexi®- Drain.


KBI Flexi® – Drain
KBI Flexi®- Drain system allows large volumes of water pass through with a ‘Shallow Excavated Trench’. The solution eliminates the need for a storm water pipe or Trench Drain that would normally require deep excavation. Traditionally the excavation and work would cause a lengthy shut down of the street resulting in a negative financial impact on the businesses in the area.


KBI Flexi®- Drain is an excavated trench one foot – two feet deep and one foot – two feet wide filled with clean 1.5-inch stone capped with KBI Flexi®- Pave surface. This solution allows the storm water to enter the KBI Flexi®- Drain with up to 3000 plus gallons per square foot per hour. This provides not only an incredible water storage vault but allows large volumes of storm water to be directed to the Main Street storm water sewer system. In addition to the remarkable water absorption rates the KBI Flexi®- Drain filters the Storm Water by means of a natural passive treatment effect through a ‘Bio- Film’ that naturally grows in the ‘Dynamic Pore-Space’ of the KBI Flexi®- Pave that is installed onto the stone trench. This allows for removal up to 86% of Dissolved Nitrates and Ortho-Phosphorus.


Mr. Bagnall, President and CEO of Atlantic Wind & Solar, commented, “Due to Urbanization growth in general, the KBI Flexi®-Drain and KBI Flexi®-Pave can be a critical part of the solution for the Increasing Storm Water Problems globally.”


About K.B. Industries Inc.
K.B. Industries, Inc. (KBI) created the world’s first flexible porous paving in 2002 and offers a comprehensive suite of proven products and solutions to solve the toughest infrastructure challenges. From its category leading KBI Flexi®-Pave to its newest innovations in water treatment and shoreline protection, KBI combines technology and experience to solve problems using innovative materials and designs. The Company recreated and revolutionized the porous paving industry with the introduction of the original KBI Flexi®-Pave By combining recycled car and truck tire rubber along with rock aggregate in a monolithic surface, KBI created a massively porous, but structural material that can be used for a variety of infrastructure applications to great success. KBI Flexi®-Pave has more than 18 years of proven testing and successful project installations across the globe.


Visit: www.kbius.com
About Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc.
Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc, develops renewable energy power projects globally. Through its recently acquired K.B. Industries, the company manufactures and distributes its KBI Flexi®
-Pave first of its kind porous pavement.




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