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KBI Flexi®-Clean

the most advanced passive water treatment system

KBI Flexi®-Clean, powered by Osorb® provides an increased level of performance, removing hydrocarbons and volatile compounds in addition to dissolved nutrients. KBI Flexi®-Clean is installed under a surface layer of KBI Flexi®-Pave, allowing for engineered water conveyance and cost-effective, turn-key solutions for all your water remediation needs.

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More Information
  • Passive - does not require active engineering elements
  • Enhanced Cleansing - remove volatile compounds and metals
  • Retrofit - can often be installed without altering site footprint
  • Point Solutions - small footprint can treat large runoff area
  • Serviceable - can be installed to permit regular or emergency servicing and replenishment if required
  • Streamlined - reduce or eliminate permitting challenges
  • Responsible - cleans site runoff before leaving your property
  • Ease of Implementation - can be worked into existing site profiles or designed for new build
  • Minimize Disruption - targeted, minimalistic solutions minimize site and productivity disruptions
  • Rechargeable - treatment media can be cost effectively replenished or replaced on an as needed basis
  • Reduces project costs by eliminating or reducing permitting expenses
  • Lower expenses associated with government reporting and fines
  • Shorten project time and disruption of business activites