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KBI Flexi®-Drain

the surgical BMP that solves drainage issues

KBI Flexi®-Drain provides a low impact, surgical alternative to treat drainage problems. From cross-cut installations that prevent roadside runoff in driveways to solving standing water issues, it's the perfect answer to a variety of challenges. It can be installed in new development as well as retrofit applications, providing an ounce of prevention that solves a ton of problems.

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More Information
  • Massive Porosity - allows high volume discharge and quick drainage
  • Surface Solution - requires no major digging or excavation
  • Leverage - treat large drainage issues with small installations
  • Multiple Design Options - can be installed as a gutter, pure drain or anything between
  • Efficient - can often be installed in under a day
  • Effectiveness - quickly drains away standing water and eliminates sheet flow problems
  • Minimize Disruption - most solutions can be installed with less than 12" of digging or trenching depth
  • High Yield Benefits - treat large footprint problems with small footprint solutions
  • Creative - Solutions can be engineered to convey 100%, drain 100% or any blend in between
  • Speedy - fast installation saves you time and money from disruptions
  • Maximum effectiveness through targeted installations
  • Removes liability and maintenance expenses due to uncontrolled flooding and drainage events
  • Allows for an array of designs - not the "one size fits all" approach offered by alternate options