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Smarter Materials for Next Generation Infrastructure

KBI Flexi®-Mulch

the low maintenance, sustainable alternative for planting beds

KBI Flexi®-Mulch provides the same sustainable technology of our core infrastructure products in an offering targeted toward commercial and municipal planting beds. It combines our multiple color offerings with our proprietary binder to provide a sustainable mulch alternative. You'll benefit from years of a long-lasting, non-migrating, product that has all the benefits of natural mulch without the mess and expense of ongoing maintenance..

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More Information
  • Non-migrating - bound in place
  • Durable - can withstand string trimming and edging
  • Safe - reduced risk for any product chipped and thrown by mowers
  • Permanent color - eliminates fading and discoloration of surrounding areas
  • Sustainable - 100% recycled content
  • Install and Forget - never worry about migration or replenishment of loose material
  • Longevity - permanent solution lasts longer, saving you time, energy and money
  • Responsible - reduce liability from loose materials
  • Attractive - by maintaining its color, your property's appearance is consistent and pleasing
  • Environmental - supports sustainability measures through reuse and minimized materials consumption
  • Reduce or eliminate ongoing maintenance costs due to replenishment and replacement of migrating materials
  • Reduces liability exposure due to trip and fall claims, thrown debris, and stormwater charges
  • Reduce plant replacement costs due to healthier and long life plantings