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Smarter Materials for Next Generation Infrastructure

KBI Flexi®-Pothole

the long lasting, sustainable solution for pothole repairs

KBI Flexi®-Pothole is a specialty product designed for municipal and commercial entities that have ongoing road maintenance issues. Using our Next Generation technology, we've developed a pothole repair system that outlasts everything else on the market in an easy to install, quick setting product..

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More Information
  • Mix on Site - available in small or large batches as needed
  • Low Impact Installation - no mechanized equipment required
  • Durable - longest lasting pothole patch available
  • Flexible - holds up in harsh and extreme climates
  • Sustainable - reuse the very tires that caused the problem!
  • Mobility - easy to scale up or down with small crews and installation footprint
  • Efficient - "low tech" installation does not require mechanized equipment
  • Effective - longest lasting pothole patch solution
  • Eliminate Repatching - forget about needing to go back and fix recently installed patches; holds up under freeze/thaw to summer heat and everything in between
  • Responsible - helps to meet sustainability initiatives and programs
  • Reduces "rework" costs associated with ongoing repairs of the same location
  • Reduces installation costs and timeline through streamlined installation methodology
  • Reduces liability claims and risk management challenges