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KBI Flexi®-Roof

the modular protection system for flat roof applications

KBI Flexi®-Roof is designed for the flat roof market and provides a sustainable solution that protects your roofing membrane in a secure, non-migrating ballast. It's impervious to hail and provides protection for your roofing investment. Sold in premade panels, it goes down quickly to allow for immediate use and access to your flat roof..

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More Information
  • Durable - long lasting, impact resistant
  • Modular Design - pre-made tiles
  • Porous - allows rain and snow melt to safely convey away
  • Color Options - match or contrast outdoor living spaces
  • Quiet - reduces noise transfer to living spaces
  • Smart - protects your existing membrane while providing a safe surfacing solution for your rooftop
  • Speedy - quick installation and use due to modular tile design
  • Effective - prevents water build up while protecting the existing membrane
  • Attractive - natural color options provide alternative design choices
  • Peaceful - virtually eliminates mechanical noise transmission from HVAC or other mechanicals into living spaces
  • Saves and protects your existing roof membrane investment
  • Saves on labor costs with quick efficient installation
  • Provides flexible installation options that reduce mechanical expenses and noise