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Smarter Materials for Next Generation Infrastructure


reduce maintenance costs with smarter materials

Landscaping is not just an asthetic element of your property. It helps define the image and ultimately the value of your investment. Due to economic challenges, landscaping maintenance is often one of the first line items to suffer during budget shortfalls. KBI's products can not only help improve the look of your property, they can virtually eliminate costly replensihment and migration issues around planting beds and walkways. An added benefit of our products for pedestrian areas is reduced liability and full ADA compliance due to the tactile, non-slip nature of our surfaces.

More Information
  • Maintenance Costs and Replacement
  • Product Migration
  • Liability Risk
  • Aesthetic Choices
  • Drainage
  • Permanent, Sustainable Material
  • Bound in Place
  • ADA Compliant Surface That Does not Lift or Settle
  • A Variety of Attractive Colors
  • Can be Engineered to Solve Drainage Issues
  • Flexi®-Pave
  • Flexi®-Drain
  • Flexi®-Clean
  • Flexi®-Mulch
  • Flexi®-Stone