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Smarter Materials for Next Generation Infrastructure

Tree Surrounds

save money on maintenance while boosting tree health

Tree Surrounds are one of the most under-appreciated elements in urban infrastructure. They must provide protection for the trees while allowing adequate air and water infiltration. Unfortunately, these goals are naturally at odds when traditional solutions such as tree grates and mulch are used. KBI Flexi®-Pave provides the perfect material for new and replacement tree surrounds..

Our surface is strong enough to protect both trees and pedestrians while providing the optimal method for water and nutrient infiltration. In many cases, our products can be installed for a fraction of the cost of tree grates.

More Information
  • Lifting and Breaking
  • Product Migration
  • Trip and Fall Hazards
  • Maintenance Expense
  • Tree Health - Air and Water Infiltration
  • Aesthetics
  • Porosity Encourages Roots to Grow Downward
  • Bound in Place Construction
  • Flexible
  • Eliminates Debris Cleaning Compared to Steel Grates
  • Provides the Three Things Tree Roots Need: Oxygen, Nutrients and Water
  • A Variety of Surface and Color Options
  • Flexi®-Pave
  • Flexi®-Stone
  • Flexi®-Mulch