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Smarter Materials for Next Generation Infrastructure

Golf Courses

solving erosion, drainage, and runoff issues

Golf Courses face a myriad of challenges from drainage and erosion to nutrient loading and stormwater runoff. KBI Flexi®-Pave and our other sustainable infrastructure products can help solve these problems in both retrofit and new build applications. KBI Flexi®-Pave holds up as a cart path medium in some of the most challenging climates around the world and provides a quiet, virtually zero-maintenance solution.

Our products have been used to successfully stabilize existing cart bridges and other walkways over environmentally sensitive areas. Our proven technology has been tested to significantly reduce dissolved Phosphates and Nitrates, in some cases approaching 90% reduction levels. We can also train your maintenance staff to self-install our products, saving you scheduling headaches and costly 3rd party coordination.

More Information
  • Standing Water
  • Paths Cracking and Breaking
  • Liability Due to Broken Concrete and Asphalt
  • Water Quality and Nutrient Loading
  • Highly Porous - Drains and Eliminates Standing Water
  • Does Not Crack or Break
  • Reduces Nutrients and Toxin Runoff
  • Flexi®-Pave
  • Flexi®-Drain
  • Flexi®-Clean
  • Flexi®-Mulch
  • Flexi®-Stone