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Smarter Materials for Next Generation Infrastructure


cost savings for local and Federal government

Municipalities and cities continue to face budget challenges for not only new capital projects, but ongoing maintenance expenses continue to balloon out of control. KBI Flexi®-Pave and our suite of sustainable infrastructure products provide governmental entities and agencies a unique solution in the form of long-life, virtually zero-maintenance products for every application in urban landscapes.

From sidewalks and trails, to drainage, to tree surrounds, we not only understand the issues, but have more than a decade of experience and proven technology to solve the problems.

More Information
  • Liability Risks
  • Maintenance Expense Control
  • Stormwater Challenges
  • Salting and Deicing
  • Bound in Place - Does Not Crack or Break
  • Reduced Regular and Long Term Maintenance Expense
  • Reduce Time and Expense due to Reapplication of Deicing Products
  • Flexi®-Pave
  • Flexi®-Clean
  • Flexi®-Drain
  • Flexi®-Mulch
  • Flexi®-Stone
  • Flexi®-Pothole