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Smarter Materials for Next Generation Infrastructure

Property Management

reduce maintenance and liability costs for your properties

Property managers are constantly looking for ways to lower maintenance expenses, improve their property, and reduce liability. KBI Flexi®-Pave and KBI Flexi®-Mulch have been proven over the last decade to solve all these problems and more.

By eliminating replenishment and replacement costs in mulch and planting beds, we can demonstrate long term value in using KBI Flexi®-Mulch. KBI Flexi®-Pave sidewalks, tree surrounds, and hardscape paths provide a flexible, sustainable surface that does not crack and provides a safe, secure surface to cut down or even eliminate lawsuits due to trip and fall.

More Information
  • Liability
  • Standing Water
  • Maintenance Expense Control
  • Bound in Place - Does Not Crack or Break
  • Highly Porous - Drains Water
  • Reduces Regular and Long Term Maintenance Expenses
  • Flexi®-Pave
  • Flexi®-Drain
  • Flexi®-Clean
  • Flexi®-Mulch
  • Flexi®-Stone
  • Flexi®-Pothole